Jamun Froyo | Java Plum Frozen Yogurt

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Jamun Frozen Yogurt is a delicious summer dessert made with Indian berry called jamun or java plum. The abundance of Jamun (Java Plum) inspired me to try this recipe and play with the flavors of the fruit. Hence, the result is Jamun (Java Plum) frozen yogurt. It is a gluten-free frozen yogurt recipe.
I love Jamun for its piquant flavor, vibrant hue, and fibrous texture, and they shine when paired with contrasting flavors such as spices, yogurt, or buttermilk.
Jamun needs a little touch of sugar to be transformed into a thick, smooth puree ideal to combine with yogurt. These two ingredients seem to be made for each other!
Making frozen yogurts is very easy. You can adapt to any season, add any ingredients you like, and play around with the different textures. It’s such a creative dessert, so scrumptious and beautiful to look at, and most of all, so delicious.
I have discussed in detail about frozen yogurt and its health benefits in my Strawberry Froyo recipe.

Since jamun’s have a very limited season, this time I got 2 kgs, some of them got eaten as is, but the rest of them, I converted into a Jamun Compote. This is a slightly longish process considering you have to pit all of the jamuns! You can split up the process like I did. The previous evening, I pitted the jamuns and stored them in an air tight container in the fridge. The next morning, I prepared the jamun compote. 

Jamun Compote Recipe:
1.5 kg jamun, pitted,
500 gms sugar, (adjust it based on your sweet liking) 
  1. In a large heavy bottom pan, add the sugar. 
  2. Add in the jamuns and mix well.
  3. Cook it on low flame for about 15-18 mins, stirring it once in a while.
  4. Once the jamuns have lost their shape and become a mush, turn off the heat and allow it to cool down.
  5. Using a hand blender, blend it into a puree.
  6. Store this in a freezer safe glass container and freeze it. 
  7. You can use this during off season to make this jamun froyo, jamun pancakes, jamun cheesecake or just as a topping over plain vanilla ice cream!
Now that we have our jamun compote ready, we can make jamun froyo within 30 seconds!
Serves – 4

2 tubs (90 gms) of greek yogurt,
400 gms jamun compote, frozen,
2 tbsp honey, (optional)
  1. Add the yogurt, honey and jamun compote into the blender.
  2. In 30 seconds you’ll have frozen yogurt
  3. Scoop out the frozen yogurt and serve immediately or transfer to a storage container and freeze.
Be careful not to over-blend the frozen yogurt. It’ll get quite soft if you blend it too long and won’t get the right texture. Just a couple of whisks should do. 
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