About Me

The Fit.Me is my journey into food. After taking a sabbatical from the corporate life, I decided to take a plunge into what I am most passionate about, cooking and baking. Cooking and baking helps me to unwind and keeps me sane and grounded.

As a mother of 16 year old, I am constantly coming up with innovative dishes. My decision to quit my corporate job was to strike a balance between work and home. I have lived in various parts of India during my growing up years and this has had a very big influence in my life. I have imbibed the various cultures and nuances from each place I have lived, and this is reflected in my approach towards life – Live and Let Live!

I took up to fitness in 2016. I’m a Marathoner and a budding cyclist. In Aug 2017, I turned vegetarian.

My food philosophy is fresh, easy, healthy, local, farm to table food. I believe in sourcing the best quality ingredients from the right sources so that it nourishes the body in the right way. I develop recipes based on the ingredients I have in hand. My Instagram page has all the recipes that I prepare and photograph.

I believe in spending very less time in the kitchen and you will find my recipes easy and simple. Even the complex of recipes are broken down into simple steps using do-it-ahead-of-time tips and tricks. My blog is aimed at readers who are starting off into the world of cooking and baking. If you are a hostelite, bachelor or newly married, or a working professional who wants to spend very less time in the kitchen, you will find recipes from my blog simple, fuss free and easy to follow. All recipes are categorized as “Recipes” on the blog.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me on:

  • Recipe development for food related products.
  • Brand or product endorsement.
  • Social media marketing & content strategy for your brand.
  • Food & Restaurant photography for new menu launches, catalogues, cookbooks, magazines, etc.

Please note that researching, writing and developing recipes and photographic assignments takes a lot of time, effort and skill and all of this does not come free. If you would like to work with me, please be prepared that I may refuse if I am offered work in exchange for product samples, blog links or my name being published.