30+ Great Soups & Salads Recipes – Round Up of Soups & Salads Event

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As you know my friend & I decided to do a Soups & Salads Event in the month of November. Here is a quick recap of what we could cook and blog inspite of our hectic schedules. I know its not much, but the spirit is in trying to achieve a goal.

This post also consolidates all the soups and salads we have blogged so far in our respective blogs. Thought this would be a nice way to consolidate everything in one place.

Here we go…







Oils & Dressings:

Click on the pictures to view the recipes. Arundati is a great blogger and super friend of mine, check out what a storm she has been cooking on her blog. Thank you Absa, Roma, Mireille, Eliza, & Aarti for you wonderful contributions to this event. It just made the entire collection so beautiful. Looking forward to your participation to all the future events.


  1. Hey, I sent across some soup posts across for this event. Wondering what happened to them…

  2. Hi Absa, Its been updated. Thank you for your participation. Great dishes!!!

  3. Thank you Mireille! You sent across some great dishes! Hope to see you in future events too 🙂

  4. Looks as colorful as the rainbow itself! Great collection of nutritious & delicious dishes!

  5. Thank you Roma! You've been very encouraging. Lets do some more events, what say??

  6. Looks so vibrant and colorful… Feels good to be a part of the event 🙂