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“Master Class” – Italian Cooking Class By Spaghetti Kitchen

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A few weeks back I blogged about the Master Class announcement.

Held on December 7th with a total of 14 participants, this workshop was full of information and surprises. The concepts of Italian cooking were demystified by Chefs. We learnt the concepts of the right way of boiling the pasta to how much sauce should be added to coat the pasta well.

A total of 8 recipes were recreated right in front of us.

The tips and tricks shared during the workshop was very very useful. All the dishes prepared by the chefs were served for us to taste and discuss further on how to add variations to the dish.

Chef’s Shahbaaz and Chef Arun were very helpful and gave us a lot of information about the cultural heritage of Italy as well. 
Overall a wonderful learning session, this is a must attend workshop for all who wish to get to know the basics of Italian cooking. 
Stay tuned for the next workshop!!! Its coming soon!!!


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