Mushroom Cheddar Tart – Avid Baker’s Challenge

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I came across the Avid Baker’s Challenge a few days back and was waiting for the month to begin so that I could participate in the challenge. For the month of March, Hanna chose Mushroom Cheddar Tart as the recipe. 

Mushroom and Cheese in a tart! Can there be a better combination than this? No. The addition of cheese into the dough and into the tart mixture gives it such a nice taste. As per the original recipe, Parmesan cheese needed to be added to the dough. I didn’t have Parmesan, so I added cheddar. It gave a very beautiful balance and sharp taste to the tart base.

The original recipe used Hi-maize flour, which I didn’t have. So I substituted it with the all purpose flour itself.

Overall, it tasted so divine. The butter, cheese and ofcourse the mushrooms and red pepper, made an ideal combination together. They just burst in your mouth with loads of different flavors.

The Avid Bakers are baking from the King Arthur Flour website this year. If you would like to try the Mushroom Cheddar Tarts, the recipe can be found here. See the other bakers’ results here. And if you too want to join the group, the rules are there.


  1. Your tarts look wonderful. The cheese really enhances the taste of the crust.

  2. yours looks great. awesome pics!

  3. Beautiful tarts! I agree that the combination of cheese pastry and the filling was very tasty.

  4. Nice looking tarts! Welcome to Avid Bakers, Jayashree.

  5. Those are adorable!

  6. Welcome to ABC! Lovely tarts you made. I have those little metal cups too but was afraid they might stick, so I used my regular muffin pan. These sure were tasty little treats! 🙂