Orange Cake with Orange Glaze

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A few months back, for Christmas, I had a small tea party. I had decided to make an Orange Cake from a paper cutting I had resevered for sometime. Shortly, after the tea party, I went off on a vacation and this post just did not get published. When Aparna announced the FIC-Orange this month, I knew what I had to do 🙂 Food themes like this, inspire you to get your posts out however lazy you might feel..:-0)

I had never made an Orange Cake before and this recipe was fairly simple. Thought of giving it a try. Good quality oranges are available during winter here (though nowadays oranges are available all round the year)especially the imported ones.

The orange glaze is the best part about the whole cake which I realized only after eating it!!! This cake makes a perfect tea time cake, if you have some oranges handy..

Ingredients for the basic Orange Cake:
2 cups flour,
1 cup powdered sugar,
1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened,
2 eggs,
1/2 tsp salt,
2 tsps baking powder,
Zest from one orange,
1/2 cup orange juice,

1.) Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees for 10 mins.
2.) Sift the flour, salt, and baking powder thrice and set aside.
3.) In a bowl, beat the eggs. Add the sugar and butter and beat until creamy. Stir the zest and the juice of the orange at this point.
4.) Fold the flour mixture gently. Scrape down the sides and mix evenly. Pour the mixture into a greased pan.
5.) Bake in the centre of the oven for 30 mins or until skewer inserted comes out clean.

Ingredients for Orange Glaze:
Juice from one orange,
1/4 cup sugar,
2-3 drops of orange colour (optional),

1.) Mix the sugar and the orange juice and place it in a small pan.
2.) On low heat, keep stirring the mixture until the sugar is dissolved. If using color, add at this point.
3.) Once the cake is done, remove it from the tin immediately and transfer onto a plate or turntable.
4.) If the cake has puffed up in the middle, turn it over so that you have a smooth surface.
5.) Pour the glaze over the cake immediately. Allow it to cool down completely and then cut into pieces.

Sneek Peek:

The cake came out well, except that it had puffed up a little in the middle. I had to press it down a bit, so that the glaze gets soaked in properly.

The taste was awesome and we all loved it. The butter was a little less (the original recipe called for 2 cups of butter!!!) and hence the cake was slightly on the dry side. But since I was serving this for was fine. It went very well with the mood of Christmas as well!!!

The glaze had the right amount of sweetness, tang, and flavour and had soaked in well. Overall, quite an orangy experience!!!

Sending this off to Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen who is hosting the Food In Colours for the month of February, the original brainchild of Harini of Tongue Ticklers


  1. wow Jayashree.. cake looks very very delicious. Love the idea of glaze

  2. Wow Jayashree, delicious n scrumptious cake, lovely cake…

  3. It looks refreshingly delightful!

  4. Cake looks very delicious.Love it!

  5. I do not have much of fascination with eating cakes… love visually admiring them more, But this is something which I eat & make. call m ein for anything orange in it.

  6. Today I made an orange cake too, but mine is vegan:) Yours looks delish!! Great entry:)

  7. that looks super delicious.i’m so sad that i can’t reach and get it 😉 Looks pretty too.

  8. tempting to have this right now…. lovely pics

  9. Wonderful cake…makes me feel like having some right now 🙂

  10. Thanks for stopping by. I love the color of this cake. a twist to the same old pound cake.

  11. awesome its looks too good it wud have tastes also good….

  12. wow that looks just too good

  13. Looks yummy. Loved the glaze. Can imagine the citrusy flavor it gives to the cake.

  14. this is one terrific cake.. looks toooooo good.

  15. fabulous…. i love citrus flavours… in a cake it would be just fab!!

  16. This orange cake does look very spongy. The glaze must have resulted in a moist cake, so no wonder you thought that was the best part.:)

    Thanks for painting this post “Orange”.

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  18. Tempting to have this right now.

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