Chocolate Brownie

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Yesterday was hubby dear’s birthday. I had kept this Brownie recipe aside from a long time..which I decided to make on his birthday. Well the day began with my son complaining of severe ear pain and fever. Everybody was terribly upset. Nothing would could make my son stop crying… It was hurting him so badly..that we all got really worried.

We frantically tried to reach a pediatrician but in no vain..yesterday being Sunday!!! Finally we took him to Manipal Hospital where the doctor detected it as an ear infection. A dose of medicine in the hospital and within minutes my son sprung back to his original self. We were all relieved and that’s when we realized we should wish “Daddy” Happy Birthday!!!

We reached home at around 4 pm and I was in no mood to bake the brownie. But I thought since half a day was already lost, lets make the other half as delightful as possible.

I got into action..and out came from the oven beautiful chocolate brownie…:)

Recipe source: Femina

80 gms cooking butter,
150 gms dark cooking chocolate, broken into pieces,
3 eggs,
120 gms castor sugar,
1 tsp vanilla essence,
80 gms flour,
20 gms cocoa powder,
1/2 tsp baking powder,

1.) Preheat the oven to 175 degrees, for 10 mins.
2.) Grease a baking tin ( 9 x 9 inch) with butter and line with butter paper.
3.) Stir the butter and chocolate in a saucepan over a bowl of boiling water till melted. Set aside to cool a little.
4.) Beat the eggs together with the sugar. Add the vanilla essence and continue to beat until fluffy.
5.) Sieve the flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder.
6.) Mix the melted chocolate mixture with the beaten eggs and sugar till evenly blended.
7.) Fold in the flour mixture slowly.
8.) Pour into the greased and lined baking tin and bake till the knife comes out clean.
9.) Cool and cut into squares.

In case the cake starts to burn, cover it with an aluminum foil.

So as the saying goes..all’s well that end’s well…a simple brownie..can definitely brighten up your dampened spirits…We all had a piece of brownie and celebrated my hubby’s birthday…:)

Happy Birthday Hubby…Wish you loads of happiness and prosperity in the years to come!!!


  1. Lovely brownie, Jayashree. Glad your son’s feeling better now. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, and I am so glad to find yours.

  2. You have a nice blog with tempting pics. thanks for visiting:)

  3. babes!! didnt know all this drama was happening when i cracked jokes with the b’day boy…. as it is his responses are wooden…was wondering why they were even worse!! awesome brownie!!

  4. Deesha, Vaishali, Sharmi, Aru, Thanks…:-)

  5. Brownie looks tempting. Good to know that you made the most of the birthday!

  6. Happy Bday to ur Hubby! & hope ur son is feeling better now.

    Those are "sinful indulgences" 🙂 beautiful.
    Soma (

  7. First time here…Brownies are mouth watering and looks delicious 🙂

  8. pic looks simply delicious…


  9. Lovely n gorgeous brownies…

  10. wow i am a brownie fan..i tried with and without baking powder couldn’t find any difference…?