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ChocoChip Cookies


I’ve been looking for a good chocochip cookie recipe for quite some time. Last time I followed a recipe from a magazine..and needless to say..was an outright disaster!!! They turned out quite dark in color on top and almost burnt at the bottom. The only feel good factor at that […]


Chocolate Brownie


Yesterday was hubby dear’s birthday. I had kept this Brownie recipe aside from a long time..which I decided to make on his birthday. Well the day began with my son complaining of severe ear pain and fever. Everybody was terribly upset. Nothing would could make my son stop crying… It […]


Twisted Tutti Fruti Cake


My SIL and BIL left today after a week long stay with us. We had an awesome time..and most of it was spent in the favorite place. I loved cooking for them..and they enjoyed it too!!! However, amidst all the chaos, I wanted to bake something for them but […]


Recycled Idlis – Idli Upma

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Idlis are a favourite in my house and hence it is very rare that they are leftover…but whenever I prepare idli’s I usually make some extras…So while I was deciding what to make for breakfast in the morning today, I was thrilled when I remembered there were 5-6 idlis left […]

Festive Treats

Mullu Tengoil

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Ingredients: 1 cup rice flour½ cup chickpea flour1 tsp cumin seeds1-1/2 tbsp white or cooking butter, softened3 tsp salt, soaked in 3 tbsp of water½ tsp whole asafoetida, soaked in 2 tbsp of water for 2 hrsOil for deep frying You would also need a “muruku press” to make them. […]

Main Course

Fish Pulusu – Andhra Style

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Fish pulusu is a common and famous Andhra cuisine. Visit any authentic Andhra restaurant and you’ve got to find this in their menu.. Once in one of our visits to “Abhiruchi” which is famous for their authentic “Andhra Meals” we ordered Fish Pulusu. I wanted to learn the dish and […]