Spinach, Tomato & Cottage Cheese Salad

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Don’t you love it when you pin something, and click on the photo, expecting to be taken to the link that will provide the recipe, then- nothing? Dud. A while back, I pinned a photo of a salad that I thought looked perfect for a summer salad. When I tried to see the link to the photo, it was a dead end. No recipe link. Oh well. I looked at the photo again, and discovered this: You don’t need to be Martha to figure this one out. All you need are: spinach, tomato, cottage cheese and about 5 minutes.

This salad can be made year ’round, but is best in the summer months for a casual brunch. That said, it is also best made with tomatoes that are NOT juicy. I like to make it with cherry or grape tomatoes (simple to slice them in half, or leave them whole in the salad) so there is not an issue with the tomatoes giving off too much water and making the salad runny.

1 cup baby spinach,
1 medium tomato,
50 gms cottage cheese,
1/4 th cup pomegranates,

1/2 lemon juice,
1 tsp olive oil,
1 tsp honey,
Crushed pepper & salt to taste

1. Mix the dressing in a small cup and mix it well.
2. Add all the fresh ingredients in a bowl.
3. Pour the dressing over the ingredients and mix well.
4. Serve chilled.

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