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Exquisite Kathiawadi Thali Combo Recipes!!!

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Kathiawad is a peninsula in Gujarat which is also known as Sourashtra. In this region, there are a large number of vegetarians and are known for making spicy food. The most popular dishes here are bhakri’s, eggplant curries, stuffed chillies, undhiyo, patra, dhokla, dhokli and chunda. Kathiawadi cusine is completely vegetarian and some people in this region exclude onion and garlic. There is no particular course followed in this state as the starters to desserts are generally served in a thali and can be enjoyed at any part of the meal. The thali is usually a round plate with same sized bowls used for serving each dish. The food is served hot and is all of them are served at the same time.

Want to make a scrumptious Kathiawadi meal? Here is a complete list of recipes you need to make a complete Gujarati meal. A classic Gujarathi Thali will have all of these items in their menu and more. We have assorted the best recipes and brought them to you in the unique post.


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