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Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen by Rajadhani

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The ever popular Rajadhani restaurant have come with a new concept of Rasovara which means the Royal Kitchen. They are trying to recreate the magic of kitchens from the bygone era where Royal cooks called Khansamas used to create amazing culinary experience for all!

The culinary experience is broken into three courses – the appetizers, the royal thali and the sweet ending. The appetizers started with the most popular Gujarati dish of all time – Dhokla!

In the appetizers, there were lot of interesting things to work up our appetite. In the starters platter that was served to us, I liked the Paneer Palak Kabab and Khasta Mutter Roll. The portions were just perfect to get your appetite working to await a Royal feast!

I loved the way Panipuri was served to us with the khatta pani in a shot glass & puri on top of it. Like you would have a shot of tequila and bite the lime, you could have a shot of Paani and bite the puri! How innovative!

Dahi vada served to us was rich with dry fruits and cashew and tasted perfectly well. We were also given Khush coolers and Maharaja Lassi in perfect amounts so that we weren’t full already just by eating appetizers!

Next up was the traditional Rajasthani Thali for which Rajdhani is very famous. This had the most popular Rajasthani dish Dal Baati Churma along with Gatte Ki Sabzi, Paneer Sabji and many other preparations from Gujarati and Rajasthani households. 

It was also interesting to see Puran Poli served along with the main course.

I loved the way the traditional dhokla was presented like Momos in a wooden basket. They were soft and fluffy and were very colourful too!

No main course is complete without Vegetable Dum biryani and Kichdi with dollops of ghee on it! The biryani was presented in kulhads which was the ideal portion size for each person. I just loved the presentation!!!

The delicious meal came to an end with some delightful sweets. My favourite is the jalebi deep fried in pure ghee!

Some unique presentation to the classical dishes. Just loved the innovation and thought behind presenting these dishes. 
Overall, this is comfort food meets fine dining. Service is generally hospitable with the staff well-informed about the dishes. And if you are in the mood for an unhurried traditional meal then we recommend their premium thali.
Rasovara: Level 2 UB City The Collection, Vithal Mallaya Road, UB City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001


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  2. Nice blog!! Looks delicious, feel like grabbing the roll right away. Thank you Chowringhee Satya Niketan