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Geleto Italiano Introduces [Limited Edition] Rich Scoop Fiesta

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Just when you thought the festivities are over, and you are done having the mithai’s, Gelato Italioano, introduces the ‘Rich Scoop Fiesta’ – a Limited Edition of premium flavors for all dessert lovers. The brand in addition to its existing signature range will be introducing four premium flavours made with all exotic ingredients.
The Limited Edition ‘Rich Scoop Fiesta’ flavours are Belgian Chocolate Gelato, Black Forrest Gelato,  Fruit & Nut Gelato and Tiramisu Gelato,  The fiesta will be available from 20th October, 2014 and till 31st December 2014.
A pack of these four flavours were hand delivered to my home by a very nice gentleman from the Gelato Italiano team. I was pleasantly surprized to see a nice ribbon tied to the boxes. It just goes to show how much they value their customers. 🙂

Belgian Chocolate Gelato

Belgian Chocolate Gelato has Crema, Dark chocolate, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder and Chocolate flakes.

I just loved this flavour. Dark chocolate being my favourite, it has the right hint of bitterness with the crunch of the chocolate flakes. 

Black Forrest Gelato

Black Forest Gelato includes Crema, Chocolate Truffle, Cherry, Dark chocolate flakes and Egg less sponge

This is a classic black forest pastry tasting icecream. So if you would like to have a different dessert, try out this black forest gelato.  

Fruit & Nut Gelato

Fruit & Nut Gelato has Crema, Orange crush, Mango pulp, Toppings (Rose syrup, Chocolate sauce and Almonds)

I was particularly surprised by this flavour. When I had it, I got a hint of mango followed by a hint of orange. Its such a beautiful combination. And just when you think you’ve figured it out, there’s a sweetness of rose with the crunch of the nuts. 

Tiramisu Gelato

Tiramisu Gelato includes Crema, Coffee Powder, Cheese Mascarpone, Cocoa powder and Eggless sponge

Needless to say, this is a classic coffee flavoured icecream. If you love the hint of coffee, then this is the one to have. Its very rich and creamy due to the use of mascarpone. 

Overall, I loved the Belgian Chocolate, Fruit & Nut Gelato and Tiramisu Gelato the most. They have the best flavours and very rich in taste.

Since they are limited edition, you must try them out soon. 

These flavours are available in all Gelato Italiano outlets across India. 

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