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Resturant Review – Vidhyarthi Bhavan – Basavangudi

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If you really want to a taste of authentic crispy ghee dosa, Vidhyarthi Bavan is the must place to visit. Tucked into the busy market on the main road of Gandhi Bazar, we waited in a long queue before we could get a seat. The smell of the fresh flowers from the opposite flower stalls and the ghee dosa from inside the restaurant was surely increasing our appetite.
Once inside, the ambience was very 1940’s. Needless to say, they are there since 1943, and not much has changed from then to now. The wooden bench seating, long ceiling fans, and the walls adorned by celebrities who have visited this place in the years, it really takes you back in time.

Vidhyrathi Bhavan is famous for its crispy ghee dosa’s served hot from the tawa alongside a generous dose of coconut chutney. The fresh ghee immersed dosa is truly divine. Do not watch your weight when in Vidhyarthi Bhavan. Just indulge! It is sinful!

The best part about the whole experience is the way the dosa’s are served. The staff dressed in blue shirt and dhoti, carry atleast 20-25 plates of hot doas’s in their hand, each plate rested on the previous one. The balance is amazing and not one plate is out of line. The staff is ever smiling and always wait to pose for photographs 🙂
They do serve other things like vada sambar, idli sambar, and kesari bhath along with hot filter kaapi’s.
This is my third visit to this place and never found an empty table. There is always a long queue of people waiting outside and that ensures that the tables are always filled.
For someone who is new to Bangalore, getting to Gandhi Bazar could be slightly difficult. Also, don’t plan for a visit to this place at the nick of the moment when you are hungry. The wait is long, so budget in atleast 30-45 mins of lead time before you can actually grab a bite. Also, they are particular about the timings and the doors close sharp at 11:30 am and reopen sharp at 2 pm.

Rating: (1 to 5, 5 being the highest)

Food: 4

Ambience: 4

Service: 3.5

Cleanliness and Hygiene: 3.5 

Value for Money: 5

Must Try: Ghee Masala Dosa

Must Miss: Kesari Bhaat


When in Bangalore, this place is surely a must visit.

Location In Bangalore: 


32, Gandhi Bazaar,
Near Gandhi Bazaar Circle,

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I visited Vidhyarthi Bhavan in Basavangudi and personally tasted the items listed above. All pictures are clicked by me. Please ask first.

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