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BM #1 – AAE – Day 2 – Misal Pav

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On my last visit to Pune, I stayed over with my Aunt B. My aunt is TamBam married to a Maratha. Post her marriage, she gracefully embraced all the traditions of her Maratha sasural. Already a very very good cook, she perfected the art of Maratha cuisine with elan.

Every visit to her place, I try to learn some new Maharashtrian dish. This time, I insisted that I want to learn how to make Misal Pav. Misal Pav is a local street food in Maharashtra. Its prepared with a few variations. These variations come from the different regions of Maharashtra. Like a Kolhapuri Misal Pav would be fiery hot, where as in the Puneri Misal would have have curd and chivda added to it.

Most street vendors serve this starting early in the morning and it can be had anytime of the day.

This post is my Aunt B’s version of Misal Pav 🙂

1 big bowl of freshly prepared Makti Usal gravy,

Other Ingredients:
1 cup onion, chopped,
1 cup sev,
1 cup mixed namkeen,
2-3 tbsp green coriander, chopped,
2-3 lemon wedges,
Sufficient Pav, fresh

I have already blogged the recipe for Matki Chi Usal, however that is a dry version. For Misal Pav, we need the consistency to be runny and spicy. The spice content in the Usal has to be really high. The road side eateries in Maharashtra serve a special runny gravy called Kat or Tarri. My aunt says, the waiter would be carrying a mug full of this spicy Kat around. The moment he sees your Misal Pav gravy has dried up, he would pour a copious amount without you even asking for it. The Kat is extremely oily and spicy and hence, she has omitted it out of this recipe.

Method For Assembling:

Keep all your ingredients handy and serve it at the table.

Start by pouring in a coupious amount of Matki Chi Usal in a serving bowl/plate.
Top it up with the mixed namkeen followed by onions.

    Add the sev on top now and garnish with green coriander and some more onions.
    Serve hot with tossed pav and lemon wedges immediately.

    This dish was absolutely delicious and we had to really get ourselves to stop.
    If you want to dish up some classic Maharashtrian dish, this is the one it should be!!!
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