Strawberry Milkshake

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Strawberries are all over in the market now. My son loves them. He loves the taste and especially the milkshake. He’s quite hungry once he’s back from school, and a good glass full of this milkshake just does the trick. Its an instant energizer and at the same time fills up the stomach.

How to find that perfect strawberry? Well here are some things that I follow..A good strawberry must be bright red in color, particularly on the shoulder and at the cap of leaflets around the stem. The cap should be green (indicates its been plucked a couple of days ago), and the berry should have a distinct strawberry aroma. The flesh should be firm but not mushy, with an even sprinkling of seeds. Large and showy strawberries are beautiful to look at, while smaller strawberries are always more flavorful. Look for a strawberry with evenly spaced seeds along the bottom tip. Most importantly, no dark spots.

While buying a container/box of strawberries, discard any that are seeping strawberry juice, or contain strawberries with obvious dark spots or brown spots. Often prepackaged strawberries would have the poor quality strawberries in the bottom, so always check the bottom of the container before buying. I’ve been fooled a couple of times…experience speaks you see 🙂 Strawberries will stay fresh and flavorful in the fridge for four days. Its highly perishable by nature, they are best if eaten within a couple of days of purchasing.

Ingredients: Makes 1 glass
7-8 fresh strawberries,
1-2 tbsp powdered sugar or as per taste,
50 ml fresh cream (I use Amul low-fat tetra pack),
25 ml cold milk,

Whip all the ingredients in the mixer. Serve chilled.

Sneek Peek:

Its a perfect drink for those milk-fussy kids, like mine 🙂



  1. That is gorgeous! beautiful pics!

  2. WOw wat a lovely fav milkshake..

  3. Lovely captures…my son is very fond of strawberry milkshake but it triggers cough in his case,does it really is a culprit?

  4. I tried this at home it really came out well…

  5. Thanks Soma,Priya,Alka,and Anonymous, 🙂

  6. Fruits re pretty much, love the straw shake, lovely click!

  7. Hi there , First time on your blog. Found you through Food-n-more and I am loving your blog so much. Thanks for sharing so many of your recipes.